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Explorer Post 427 was created in 2019 to teach high school kids emergency management practices and other career readiness aspects. Students will gain access to unique training, volunteering opportunities, and key events such as the World Police and Fire Games and the Transplant Games, along with possible scholarship opportunities through the Alabama Association of Emergency Managers.


We started this explorer post to continue preparing the next generation of caretakers of the public. At Jefferson County Emergency Management, we deeply care about every aspect of the community. However, we also understand that we won't be here forever. Preparing the next generation to care for and prepare the community as intensely as we do will ensure that our work continues to better our fellow neighbors.


High school students aged 14-18 with at least a 2.5 GPA and an interest in public safety. Due to collaboration between Emergency Management and other fields, students with other interests will still benefit from participation. For example, partnerships exist with the Jefferson County Department of Health for those interested in public health or with elected officials for those interested in public administration and government relations. This program is geared towards better-preparing students, regardless of their interests.


Most meetings will be held at our office (709 19th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203). Occasionally, meetings will be held at the Tom and Jean Clecker Teen Center (2380 Old Springville Rd Birmingham AL 35215) or other locations in the county. It's important to mention that there is an explorer convention every year hosted by the Boy Scouts of America that we would love to attend as a post. If there is interest in other conferences that will aid the Explorer post, we are very open to them.


Meetings will take place twice a month on the second and fourth Thursday from 5 pm to 7:30 pm. Certain meetings, such as the Magic Classic and certain training sessions, will fall outside of these time frames, but ample notice will be given beforehand.

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