Disaster Assistance

If you're impacted by a local disaster, it doesn't matter whether it's a Presidential Emergency Declaration or not.  When it impacts you, your family or your home, it's a disaster regardless.  On this page, we'll provide helpful links and information on both FEMA-related assistance as well as other sources of help.

Non-Federal Assistance

FEMA Assistance

Jefferson County has an organization already in place to help our citizens should the need arise.  Some of these businesses and organizations are available during non-emergency times, while others reserve their assistance for times of great need.  

The Jefferson County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, or VOAD for short, is a group comprised of for- and non-profit organizations, businesses and agencies, both private and public entities. 

You can always call 2-1-1 to request or give assistance.


Please click below to be directed to the VOAD page of our website.

When a Federal Disaster Declaration is signed by the President, FEMA and other federal resources will begin working with state and local agencies to ensure all appropriate aid is made available to public and private enterprises.  

In general, each disaster is different, so every response is tailored to that particular incident.  Whenever an active declared disaster exists for Jefferson County, this page will be updated to include links to specific information as to how to sign up for aid, who our state and federal partners are, and other information pertinent to you.

For a list on ongoing disasters FEMA is involved in, click the image below.

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