Fultondale - Center Point Tornado Response Info

The US Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Program has been approved for those impacted by the January 25, 2021 tornado.  To access their website and begin the loan application process, please click here.  SBA personnel will also be available in person for those who need their assistance.  The SBA offers low-interest loans to disaster survivors when other assistance is not available.  

The January 25, 2021 tornado event was denied federal assistance by FEMA, therefore no Public or Individual Assistance will be provided by the federal government.  

The response organizations, including the Jefferson County EMA continue to coordinate with the Long Term Recovery and Unmet Needs Committee established to help these communities in their efforts to get back to as close to pre-disaster as possible, while acknowledging the difficult circumstances that now exist.


If you are affected by the January 25th tornado and need assistance, please call 2-1-1 to request help.  The United Way works to connect you to the people and services you need.

Likewise, if you have services you can provide to those affected by the storm, you can also call 2-1-1 and offer that help.

Please use the following dashboard to see current status of the response and recovery phase of this incident.