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Community storm shelters are managed by the local jurisdiction, not the Jefferson County EMA. 

These shelters are designed to protect the occupants from storm-related hazards.  They are typically not built for prolonged comfort, and are limited in the amount of people they can house.  They are a great resource for people who are weather-aware, and can get to the shelter before the storm arrives. 

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Contact the local jurisdiction to find out more information about their locations and operating procedures.

Individual storm shelters are great ways to protect your loved ones while close to home.  There are many vendors available who can assist you in determining the best course of action in building a storm shelter for your home.

Occasionally, federal funding, known as Mitigation Funds become available, and can be used to reimburse qualifying individuals, up to a certain amount, on the acquisition of a storm shelter.  This is not for shelters already built/installed or are in the process of being built/installed.  It is a rigorous process to apply for, get approved for, install and pass final inspection of the final product.

Jefferson County EMA maintains a waiting list for those individuals wanting to apply for a grant, should the mitigation funds become available.  These funds only become available after a Federal Disaster Declaration exists, and Jefferson County is included in that declaration.

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