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Jefferson County Storm Shelter Information (2100 × 380 px).png

Below is the Jefferson County EMA Community Storm Shelter Status Dashboard. Community storm shelters are managed by the local jurisdiction, not the Jefferson County EMA. These shelters are designed to protect the occupants from storm-related hazards.  They are typically not built for prolonged comfort, and are limited in the amount of people they can house.  They are a great resource for people who are weather-aware, and can get to the shelter before the storm arrives. 




Click the button above to view a list of active and "under construction" community shelters near you.

Contact the local jurisdiction to find out more information about their locations and operating procedures.

The interactive dashboard below indicates which jurisdictions within the county have communicated to the Jefferson County EMA that their shelters are currently open. Regardless of the shelter status, you can always utilize the search function by clicking the magnifying glass and entering your address to find the shelter that is located nearest to you for your own preparedness planning purposes.


A Green icon indicates that the shelter is currently open, while the red icon with a line across the middle indicates that the shelter is currently closed. You can zoom in and out of the map by toggling the "+" and "-" icons in the bottom right hand corner for a better view, or simply look at the listing below the map with the individual shelter status listed.

Individual Storm Shelters

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